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Help Buying Rap Beats and Pop Instrumentals Online

Help Buying Rap Beats and Pop Instrumentals Online

Prior to cashing in on pop beats and dance instrumentals online keep in mind the following steps to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck! Looking at so many beat selling websites on the internet might seem confusing. If you have questions such as where should I buy pop beats or what’s the best price to buy afrobeats? What is difference between a non-exclusive lease vs premium vs lease vs exclusive rights? I know that you’re not trying to sit and read legal reasons for different licenses; so let’s discuss everything about buying beats on the internet from your favorite producers.

FREE Dance Beats and Pop Instrumentals by EDM Ghost Producer

With all of the different producer beat websites in existence, you will have to sort thru some “bad beats” before you find a producer that you like. Some internet beat makers have fancy personal websites to sell their instrumentals on and others utilize 3rd party websites like RocBattle or SoundGine. Don’t just buy beats because of the look any music producer’s website either – listen to the beats to determine if the producer is any good. For example, some beat makers are just normal music producers looking for a quick sale and promote their beats by giving them away for free. If you are someone looking for free, original beats, you should expect that the producer of the beat is going to want to leave their “tag” in the beat (a watermark to protect the beat from people stealing it). If you want to release a song made using free beats, you may want to negotiate with a ghost producer (must contact me) or pop beat maker to either mention them in the song or give them credit for producing the beat rather than using a voice tag.

Free Beat License | Pop | Dance | EDM | Trap

A good place to start finding free EDM beats is to search YouTube, Google and SoundCloud for “Free Pop Beats” or “Free Dance Instrumentals”. Start making a list of all of your favorite music producers and beat makers you like that are giving free beats and visit their website. Most beat makers and internet music producers are quite responsive and can accommodate most changes to beats. Contact your favorite DJ producer for free dance beats and pop instrumentals now! If you release anything using a producer’s free beats make sure you share your music link with them. You never know if you do a really good job they may want to start working with you exclusively!

50% off Beats | Beat Discount Sale | Cheap Beats Online | Coupons for beats

If you’re finding it difficult to find free pop instrumentals that fit your style then maybe you have found the right pop producer yet. Most ghost producers have their own website and have a way for you to contact them. Famous online producers use the internet to run promotions for beats or offer incentives to loyal customers. Kustom, American music producer of dance beat website, says “it’s a sign of commitment when any stranger comes to your website and joins your mailing list – it feels as good as a sale sometimes even though all the person did was surrender their email address.” Producers recommend, similar to Kustom, bundle deals or offer special discounts exclusively to the people who are on their mailing list. Some beat makers run campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to promote a special deal on cheap beats or coupon codes to get 50% off discount on any beat in your cart around the holidays.

So find producers that make dance beats that fit your style and sign up to their mailing list. Not only will you likely get special discounts or exclusive offers but they will send you newsletters whenever they upload new beats. It’s actually quite convenient to see your favorite producers send you notices about when new beats are uploaded or go on sale. Famous producers and new beat makers on the music scene often give out free beats as a ‘thank you’ for signing up. Kustom, internet beat maker at Best EDM beats, gives basic members 50% all of the beats on the website in exchange for an email address – which is an amazing deal for anyone looking for radio pop beats for sale.

Producers to Buy Beats From | Famous Producer Beats for Sale

Now you know about getting free beats to fit your stile and joint internet producer mailing lists for updates and discounts. Where are all the best producers on the internet to buy beats from? Most internet beat makers will have their own domain name at the very least to help promote their brand. The best producers on the internet also have profiles set up on third party sites like SoundClick, SoundGine, and MyFlashStore. These websites are like networks of producers where artists and DJs can find a large majority of the best producer beats for sale on the net.

Best Producer Beats to Buy

Most of the third party beat selling websites showcase their best producers on a chart. This will give you an idea of who’s the best of the best out of all producers on the internet. For example, you can also look for Grand Champion producer label for beat makers who have won beat battles. Beat makers who win beat battles hands down have the most impressive beats. Kustom beats, internet music producer, has had a good success rate with winning beat battles. Famous celebrity judges have been a witness on a panel to listen to Kustom compete for the top spot. Moreover, you can see proof that producer Kustom beats is good by noticing the Grand Champion title on his official RocBattle page. A producer’s name (stage name, not real) is usually always a hyperlink that takes you to their profile which will also have their personal website listed (if they have one). It’s also important to note that just because a producer is ranked high on the charts doesn’t mean the producers who are ranked lower aren’t just as good. It simply means they’re doing a good job promoting their beats. You never know what amazing music you’ll find if you dig deep enough on the internet!

Purchase Dance Beats | DJ Beat shop online

Since we’re talking about websites make sure you’re not on website that doesn’t seem authentic. If something looks too good to be true, then it is. What I mean is that check to see if the beat selling website is a legit business operation so you don’t have to worry as much about getting ripped off. I say that because good business operations should lead to a positive beat-buying experience, but I really can’t predict if all the producers will have dope beats. For example if you purchase a beat from a producer’s personal website and have any issues, email the producer who made the beat. If they don’t respond within a day / 24 hours, then they aren’t a legit business! It’s also common courtesy to respond back to emails.

Celebrity producer beats for sale online

Look for certain logos on producer beat websites that indicate whether or not the producer’s business is Pay Pal Verified or has BBB Certification. Of course anyone can copy media and post it on their website – so contact the producer if you have any doubts about it. Sometimes, its good practice to search on Google for reviews about the producer just to make sure others have had a positive experience. If you still have doubts then just purchase the dance beats you want from Kustom on one of the 3rd party sites I listed above (if he’s there) if not then you need to keep searching for the right tracks.

Prices for Beats and Producer beat options

I’m not really sure why you would want to pay a big price for non exclusive beats. They are original piece of art, sure. Just know that lease beats are most likely delivered as an mp3 file. It’s understandable if you’re buying exclusive rights to a dance beat that the price would be higher, but not for lease beats. If you don’t know the difference between non-exclusive beats and exclusive rights, keep reading this article as I will break it down for you. For a lease you should expect to pay around $10-$30 dollars per beat. For exclusives rights it can cost anywhere in between $300-$3,000 and up!

Shop around and compare what some of your hottest producer beats and how much beat makers are charging for beats. If you fall in love with a pop beat that’s significantly more than the amount that you are willing to spend, contact the producer to negotiate terms. Maybe there is a specific reason why the beat maker is selling their beats at a higher price than the average, but in most cases, the author of the beat should be able to work with your budget. That is, if the beat is actually for sale.

Lease beats for sale | Purchase non-exclusive beats

When you are purchasing a rap beat there’s two main options, Leases & Exclusives. When you lease a beat aka purchase a license you’re simply paying the producer for permission to use the beat and remove the tag. It doesn’t mean that you own the beat. The producer still retains full ownership of the beat and can continue to lease the beat to other artists. It’s up to the producer what permissions he chooses to give you with the lease. See the beat licensing options available here. Leases are perfect for artists with a tight budget that are just starting out and are trying to grow a fan base by releasing singles, demo’s or mixtapes.

Exclusive Rights to beats for sale | Buy Exclusive Pop Beats

Exclusive rights are much more expensive because, as the producer of the beat, I’m literally giving you full ownership. When you purchase exclusive rights to a beat, the producer must respect your new ownership and take the beat down from his or her sit. Once you buy exclusive pop beats or purchase exclusive rights what you do with your beat is up to you because… it’s yours! This means you can do start collecting your profits from song sales, get your song that uses the beat you bought on the radio, featured in commercials, movies, film, TV, games and more!

Exclusive rights also comes with the whole beat tracked out – also known is beat stems (track outs). This is all the individual tracks to the beat. For example the kick, snare, hi hat, strings, brass are all in separate high quality WAV files (24 bit / 48khz) so you can have creative freedom to arrange any sound to fit to your liking. Ask me about mixing and mastering EDM songs if you need assistance.

Exclusive Rights – Split Sheet to share royalties

As your music producer, it’s fair that each song using a beat purchased with exclusive rights use a split sheet. Split sheets are what determine the percent each contributing writer gets from royalties paid out from, for example, a publishing license or synchronization programming on a TV network. Songwriting isn’t just writing lyrics as it is also includes the beat. Producers who are producing the music in your song(s) should be entitled to their fair share for their contribution to the song. Some producers often try to mix songs that are bought with exclusive rights because it helps preserve mix decisions created by the beat maker. As the producer of many songs, I want your song to be a success not only for you but also because we are both entitled to a fair share of the royalties.

Working with unsigned artists and producers is a good thing

An additional check for you to do is to see the producer is already signed to a publishing company. If your producer has executed a co-publishing agreement with a record label for publisher, this can complicate things. If you’re shopping your music to publishing opportunities, the publisher may decide not to work with you if you can’t get full permission to license your music solely through you. This is called a “one stop” licensing opportunity. Publishers are attracted to one-stop deals because they are fast and efficient as they don’t have to go back and forth with anyone other than yourself to establish the license.

Samples | Rules about using samples in music

Using distinct song samples that are created by anyone other than you carries a risk. I’m not talking just about sample hip hop beats used to promote singles, mixtapes and demos. If you are thinking of a beat that you want to purchase exclusive rights to you need to know if the music contains any samples. Samples are audio clips that have been taken from other recordings. If you think a beat contains a sample, you need to know about it before purchasing. There are lots of cases that discuss this subject that all lead to a common conclusion – have music integrity. If you’re going to use a sample, ask permission before you schedule a release. Clearing a sample for commercial release can also be quite costly and interfere with your overall budget.

Key Signature and Tempo

Not all beats are good for every artist or DJ. Sometimes you have to find one that fits your style. It’s a lot like shopping for close. You first have to find the right size and color then try it on to see if it works out. Same thing with buying beats – get the non-exclusive lease first to record with to know better or not whether you should invest in exclusive rights.


If you are a DJ looking for DJ beats but you play mostly Trap music and remixes, then you will want to look at beats that have a tempo good for the genre of “trap.” Trap music within electronic dance music and pop beats generally refers to the type of drums used in the beat. As for Kustom, he makes EDM trap beats, at any tempo, but features 808 drum kit. Rappers who like to speed rap typically pick slower tempo beats around 120 BPM (or 60 BPM) because there is more time between measures and, therefore, more time for lyrics. If you figure out which tempo fits you best it can help you filter.

Finally, be cautious reviewing tracks on various beat websites as search engines can pull information such as Tempo and Key incorrectly. This is caused by some producers who inaccurately fill out this information when uploading their beats. If you would like to search for various electronic dance music tracks for your next song or project, check out player below. You can sort and filter by genre, mood, tempo, and more! Click on a beat title within the player below to hear it play.



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