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Electronic Dance Music Tracks

Jun 022017

Since electronic dance music tracks were popularized by famous EDM DJs like Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, and Afrojack, hundreds of others take aim at an industry that has generated 11.9 billion streams since this time last year. Are you next?

For decades, Nielsen scores have been the unofficial analysts responsible for providing the data that tells us how many people are watching TV shows or listening to different kinds of EDM beats. Many people can easily recognize a track just from its opening chords, but fans are generally more concerned about the single rather than the motion picture backdrop. Music videos are the perfect visual companion, especially for those high-energy electronic dance music tracks that we all know and love.

Electronic Dance Music Beats – Over the last year up 54% to $11.9 billion
According to the most recent Nielsen data, the total number of electronic dance music track plays streamed in the U.S. over the last year have risen exponentially—up 54%, to 11.9 billion, year-over-year—even as sales have declined.

The Nielsen scores shows EDM artists, promoters, and producers a “better understanding of the facts and numbers in electronic music and how to leverage it to plan, measure, and maximize music campaigns.” This is consistent with the way electronic dance music dj tracks are found such as on top EDM blog website for beats

electronic dance music tracks

EDM fans purchased about 50 million dance and electronic tracks, down about 17% from the 56 million tracks sold in 2016. In 2012, Nielsen said, fans bought 53 million electronic dance tracks. Sales of electronic and dance music tracks were also down relative to the larger music industry. In 2016, Nielsen said, the EDM genre accounted for 4.9% of all music sales in the U.S. In 2017 predictions so far, that number is down to 4.2%, but massive revenue that DJs receive cause this number to hold a strong following globally for being a very successful market to be in for new artists.

Most profitable genre for new artist / singer / rapper / and songwriter – EDM Beats
It shouldn’t be a surprise that electronic dance music tracks (EDM beats) can be used for anyone who is “on the come up” in the music industry. The EDM beats such as the electronic dance music tracks heard on the home page are great examples of best beats for new artists to use when writing new songs. As a singer, electronic dance music provides different ways to explore vocal range with soaring melodies over pumping basslines. Rappers can find themselves in the spotlight on stage at major EDM events, such as Electric Daisy Carnival or Ultra Music Festival, if they use EDM beats to rap to. In other words, pick the best beats online by visiting websites that have the most popular selection of dj beats for sale.

Hottest track for new artists are beats that include some element of electronic dance music. According to Nielsen which uses the industry standard of 1,500 streams for every album purchased, EDM artists have brought in $673 million from streams, year-over-year. DJs and rappers are choosing the best electronic dance music tracks for the top selling beat of choice when searching for inspiration on online. Older sites such as Soundclick don’t have a lot of great electronic dance music tracks available so it’s recommended you get tracks from the best place to buy EDM beats online.

Best beats for selling songs on iTunes – Electronic Dance Music Tracks

The drop in sales in 2016 reflected a multi-year trend, which the numbers “tend to go on an up and down basis,” peaking and then dipping again, and then peaking. Sometimes those peaks can be driven by one or two songs’ success, but more or less, it’s caused by the popularity of using EDM beats when writing songs in the studio. Electronic dance music tracks have become Spotify’s most-streamed genre ever since its inception, and to date has been streamed more than a billion times across all media. However, those numbers do not include video plays. So if new artists and rappers are taking notes, they’ll clue-in and start buying beats from the best EDM producers such as Kustom at

American ravers and club goers stream far more tracks than in any other country. But also note that consumers in the United Kingdom and Germany purchase more, on a percentage-of-total-sales basis. These music statistics are artifacts found in the demographic reports related to electronic dance music beats as a whole. This is likely attributed to the fact that some smaller European countries have less streaming options available than in the U.S., where streaming is more widely adopted.

Electronic Music Tracks for all DJs – Beats for female djs

One interesting finding in the data is that while females make up 45% of American EDM fans, women DJs get just 6% of the bookings.

“For example, [female DJ] Krewella is on par with releases next to DJs like Skrillex,” Kustom said, “and for some reason is more attractive with male fans which means these female DJs are just powerful as male DJs, so they will benefit from using similar types of electronic beats online.”

Although reports couldn’t explain that there’s a gender gap in electronic dance music, it presents the EDM industry with an opportunity: Female DJs, Kustom says, “would be a valuable addition to music festivals.” Following suit, you can find top edm tracks and the best edm beats for female djs here on

Electronic Dance Music Festival Tracks – Download afrobeats Online and afro beats festivals

Nielsen’s reports looked at the economies of music festivals, although the company didn’t break down those figures by genre.

Number of Djs and artists using electronic music in their studios sessions is growing. Reports show that in the United States, 45% of the 36 million annual festivalgoers are white, while 28% are Hispanic, 25% are African-American, and 6% are Asian.

Festivals are also expensive, and hard to get to. Electronic dance music events cost the average attendee who spends $150 a year on tickets to the events, and travels an average of 900 miles to get there. That number goes as high as 1,344 miles for the iHeart Radio Music Festival, held in Las Vegas, and 1,150 miles for Coachella, which takes place near Palm Springs, California. If you have a festival performance or show coming up, be sure to stock up on the hottest EDM tracks with the best drops on at

Best tracks for new artists is EDM

The data that the reports on electronic dance music provided by Nielsen demonstrated that music has evolved into “an experienced-based economy.”

For electronic dance music artists, “your music is on Soundcloud, you’re traveling to these festivals to be with other fans and experience it one-on-one. It’s not so much about holding the mixtape in your hand. It’s about experiencing it with 50,000 other fans on the ground, seeing that artist at the same time.”

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