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Music Producer Beats – for new beats 2017

Music Producer Beats – for new beats 2017

New beats 2017 for sale! Pop | DJ | EDM | Trap | Radio | Rap | Hip Hop | RnB | Afrobeats | and more! Producer beats available at for rappers and singers who need rap instrumentals for their lyrics. Song writers and recording artists who need background music for studio sessions can browse a variety of tracks available for instant download – Click here to browse all beats

Freestyle beats and Rap instrumentals – music producer beats features a music player that enables clients to filter, sort, and buy cheap beats with lease or exclusive rights options. As a professional, music producer who has DJ beats for sale or in the studio with singers who buy pop instrumentals, there is no limit to my creativity. My goal is the live in a state of flux which allow me to grow and adapt to music all around the world. With music, anything is possible. If you can dream it, I can make it.

DJ beats | Dance instrumentals | Electronic dance music | Beats with drops

I’ve been making beats for DJ use on stage with the best bass drops you’ve ever heard. Something tells me that EDM (electronic dance music) beats are going to be around for a long time. There are so many possibilities with how you can blend modern EDM sounds with contemporary or classic music elements. For example, one of the projects I worked on last year was a musical interpolation of the song “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey. I replayed all the chords and many of the instruments from the original and then blended them with EDM sound design. If you’re looking for EDM beats, I have an entire website with all my electronic dance music beats for sale.

Producer work for hire | Ghost producer | Royalty free music production

As a music producer, I understand how much pride one can have in creating music. Since many artists and singers write lyrics to the beats, you may be interested in hiring a “ghost producer” to make beats. Contrary of a work-for-hire agreement, a ghost-producer will make the beat and transfer 100% of the credit to the buyer. This may also be considered a “buy-out” agreement where the producer is paid a little more money upfront in exchange for the copyright, publishing, and credit for the beat. If you’re interested in hiring Kustom to work on ghost-production for you, feel free to use the contact page.

Sharing publishing splits with producer who made beat

The production agreement for exclusive rights is a document used to transfer the rights of the MASTER (exclusively) to the buyer. It’s a piece of paper that transfers ownership in the form of rights where no one can use the beat except the person who buys it. But what about splits for publishing? The ethical standard for publishing to use a split-sheet agreement to establish formal split decisions for music. Anyone who contributes to a song should retain some percent of writer’s share in the split sheet. Split decisions are generally agreed upon by all writers and managed by the owner(s) of the current MASTER. Send me an email if you need a split sheet or production agreement to use.

Mixing and mastering advice from a producer’s perspective

Once you have recorded your lyrics to the beat, you’re ready to get it mixed and mastered. If you’re not sure about the final mix of your song, reach out to me to see whether or not I can help improve it for you. I’ve mixed numerous songs in my career that have been released worldwide so I should be able to quickly tell you if I am able to help. Mixing is the producer’s job – don’t let anyone tell you different. Mastering audio requires a special, acoustically treated room and analog processing tools used to produce that full, round, smooth, polished sound. Mixing price depends on the amount of work needed to be done while mastering is usually a flat rate fee. If you have questions about mixing and mastering, feel free to send me an email about it and I can help you out in the right direction.

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